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The party was lit, we were getting down and dirty with some smoking-hot chicks, but now im feeling like shit because of all the drunken decisions that we made

description: Only you. Decided to throw an epic pool party at her parents' house! You couldn not believe it. She told you she wanted to make a XXX xxx video with you. You remember that time when you were in high school? And you had a crush on your ex-girlfriend who went to college? Well, she came back home for summer break. Innocent. She promised it would be something special - even if it meant flashing everyone around the pool! You were so nervous, but also super excited about the idea of being naked in public with someone so gorgeous. She said it would be your first time ever doing anything like this. Soon enough, you two would go back to being just friends again. You knew it wouldn not last forever. But damn. . That night was lit!.
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